Stylish | Modern

The Bow Tie Factory is a young company specializing in wooden products, that was founded in 2016 in Switzerland by a group of passionate people in their thirties.

There aren’t many occasions when you can truly dress up. When this occurs, we believe that it is definitely a chance to fulfil some fantasies.

Unique | Remarkable

Our first observation at The Bow Tie Factory is that we have realized that most people do not have their own particular style. They merely look at others, pick the elements of style that they find attractive, and copy them.

Our passion for high-value, stylish, unique products has made us think that we can help you to find your own personal style. Some would say it is far more important to look good than to feel good. Looking great definitely represents an important step towards feeling more self-confident.

We have come up with the idea that what makes you stand out from the crowd are your use of accessories. While a decent watch may be expensive; most people would anyway only recognize high-branded ones; It occurred to us that our wooden bow ties are the one perfect accessory for bringing out your style.

Better | With You

At The Bow Tie Factory, we love what we are doing and we are passionate about design. Innovation is one of our key words. This is why we believe in singularity. We are proud to listen to the music that no one knows about, also proud to read the books that make the difference and we want to make sure that you are not afraid to dress the way you truly want.

Who you are is what really matters to us and it is never too late to be yourself because everyone else is already taken. If you landed here, that definitely means somethingWe focus on what we know best. Our philosophy is to be innovative and to offer amazing collections of wooden accessories.