NOVARA - Neville

The Bow Tie Factory

100% unique, handmade, certified and sustainable wooden bow tie

With the Novara design, you’re seeing something that you’d never be able to see with a standard cloth bow tie.

Wood is a versatile material, and lets you wear amazing little creations like this - a hollow wooden bow tie.

These aren’t mass produced in some factory either - no, each and every single piece is carefully selected and then crafted by hand, before being sent out to you to wear on your big day, or a great party where you want to stand out from the faceless masses.

Everyone’s going to be wearing a black bow tie, or if they’re ‘adventurous’ they’ll wear a checkered pattern. But you - you’ll be the shining star with a bow tie that’s not only wooden - it’s also hollow, making people need to ask you - Where can I get that?

And you’ll be able to tell them…

Just go to, pick your favorite design, and it’ll be quickly shipped to you - then you can wear it to that party that’s coming up, and make everyone jealous.


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